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As a business owner, your focus is on moving your merchandise or providing the best service to your customers, which is more than a full-time job. So when your lights flicker or your fuse panel keeps tripping, you are living on borrowed time — a precious commodity. When you decide to search for electricians in […]

Fort Collins Residential Electrical Services

Fort Collins Residential Electrical Services

As a homeowner, electricity is one of the main utilities we rely on. In fact, we’ve gotten so used to using it, that we can easily forget how tough it is when it goes out. We rely on electricity and sometimes may take for granted our constant access to it. And, the reality is that […]

EV Chargers Fort Collins

Commercial EV Installers Boulder CO

Did you know that there are 260 EV charging stations in Fort Collins? So while you’re on the hunt for “EV chargers Fort Collins”, there should be a plethora of options to fit your needs. You may find, however, that you don’t want to use a public charging station, and that it may be much […]

Fort Collins Electrician’s Guide to Emergencies

Fort Collins Electrician - Fort Collins Electrician's Guide to Emergencies

Attention homeowners and business owners of Northern Colorado: are you prepared for an electrical emergency? As much as we rely on electricity for our daily lives, it’s essential to understand the potential dangers and know how to handle them when they arise. That’s where Fort Collins-based King Electric, LLC comes in with our Fort Collins […]

Beyond Brightness: The Benefits of Professional Lighting Design

Beyond Brightness: The Benefits of Professional Lighting Design

Lighting design and installation is a vital aspect of commercial property management in Fort Collins. Proper lighting can enhance the aesthetics of the space, create a welcoming and comfortable environment, and improve safety and security. This article aims to provide insights and actionable tips for lighting design and installation for commercial properties in Fort Collins. […]

Get Energized: Maximize Efficiency in Your Fort Collins Business

Get Energized: Maximize Efficiency in Your Fort Collins Business

The bottom line of your business is always on your mind as a business owner. One often overlooked area is energy efficiency. By improving your business’s energy efficiency, you can save money on utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Hiring an electrician to help you identify areas for improvement is one of the best […]

The Top Five Benefits of Working with a Master Fort Collins Electrician

The Top Five Benefits of Working with a Master Fort Collins Electrician

As a commercial property owner in Fort Collins, Colorado, you know how important keeping your electrical system running smoothly is. If you’re in charge of a small business or managing a large office building, electrical issues can be a real pain and even put your business at risk. That’s why it’s essential to work with […]

Professional Lighting Installation Services in Fort Collins

Professional lighting services in Fort Collins

Hello and welcome to King Electric LLC’s blog post about professional lighting installation services in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m Fabian Flores, master electrician, and the owner of King Electric LLC. Our highly experienced team of electricians is dedicated to providing outstanding work to homeowners and commercial property owners in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. We […]

Electrical Contractors Fort Collins CO

Picture of Fabian Flores, Master Electrician. Fort Collins CO Residential Electrician - Electricians in Loveland CO

Choosing the right Master Electrician for your commercial retail building in Fort Collins, Colorado can be a nerve-wracking task. Electrical work is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your property, and therefore, you need an experienced and highly qualified professional to handle the job. At King Electric LLC, we have been serving commercial property […]