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Commercial electrician services near me

Commercial electrician services near me

Not every project is perfect, and sometimes business owners inherit the mistakes of others.  At King Electric, LLC, we work every day to earn your trust when you search for “Commercial Electrician Services Near Me” — especially when your project had or has some hiccups or needs a quick electrical upgrade. Call today for a free estimate: 970-829-5464.

King Electric LLC will fix those electrical issues plaguing your business

We have all been there. We begin a new adventure only to find that the job is more reminiscent of the “Money Pit,” than what we initially dreamed. It is not a great feeling as a business owner when your deal or project was installed incorrectly, or perhaps they didn’t install enough for your expected electrical load because they lacked attention to detail. Either way, it has left Joe and Jane Business Owner in a rough spot. At King Electric, LLC, we’ve helped many business owners out of their horror stories so they can realize those business dreams. They just searched “for commercial electrician services near me“ or “electrical companies near me.”

Our customers give us our best advertising

Our goal is to leave our customers with quality services and a great experience. These happy customers responded with five-star reviews:

“We had an issue with our outdoor electrical lines and they saved us! Our project had a NUMBER of quirks and they not only identified problems we hadn’t considered but solved every one of them. They were on time, affordable, kind as can be and every one of them knew their stuff. King Electric is the only company we’ll be working with in the future.” Jennifer Kornfield

“We have a new welding shop and have had several electrical issues. King Electric has responded and fixed our problems usually within a matter of hours.  It is critical in our operations to stay running and Fabian has made us a priority.” Thayne Simper, Spark Products CEO

Search for ‘commercial electrician services near me’ for your business’s upgrade

Owning a business is difficult enough without having to get to opening day and the lights are flickering, or you find out the lowest bidding contractor was the low bid for a reason, leaving you with incorrectly wired outlets. Shifts in technology have created the biggest growth areas in business – those include adding intelligent lighting and thermostat controls, and don’t forget the all-important surge protectors. If you are in an older building, you may want to consider upgrading your electrical system to accommodate modern wiring and circuitry. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were 7,200 nonresidential building fires in 2021, resulting in $50.8 billion in losses. The cause: electrical malfunctions. 

In fact, all business owners who have been operating for at least a decade should consider upgrading to more modern power systems to align with business and industry changes. Consider commercial electrical upgrades such as replacing old electric panels, installing new wiring, and installing dedicated circuits, which will protect your business and your high-volume information from data-erasing power surges.

No job is too big for our commercial electrical services

Whether you need an amped-up lighting scheme, electric vehicle charging stations to modernize your operation, electric doors, energy efficiency features, or smart panels, there is no electrical job too tough for King Electric, LLC. Our owner is a master electrician, and our operation is Qmerit certified. That means we are certified installers of sustainable electric technologies, such as EV charging, battery energy storage, and smart panels. Qmerit is the pinnacle of electrical excellence and is the national bar of excellence.

Beyond Brightness: The Benefits of Professional Lighting Design

We’ve helped big and small businesses with tenant finishes, large and small retail, dispensaries, restaurants, and gas stations. Companies large and small knew to search for “small commercial electrician services near me” or “electrical companies near me” to find King Electric LLC. We know everything there is to know about powering your business dreams.

7 ways business owners should modernize their spaces

Modernizing a business is crucial for staying competitive and adapting to the evolving business landscape. Here are seven upgrades that business owners should consider to future-proof their operations:

  1. Get Tech-Savvy: Dive into the digital world! Use tools like cloud storage, collaboration apps, and CRM systems. It’s like giving your business a tech makeover, making things run smoother and faster.
  2. Online Storefront: Set up shop online! With everyone shopping on the web, having an online store is a game-changer. It’s not just about selling stuff; it’s about being where your customers are.
  3. Lock Down Your Cybersecurity: Keep the digital fortress strong. Upgrade your cybersecurity to protect your business and customer info. Think of it like putting a virtual moat around your castle.
  4. Let Robots Help: Time to bring in the bots! Explore automation and AI. They can take care of the boring stuff, leaving your team to tackle the big-picture tasks. It’s like having extra hands without the extra people.
  5. Go Green: Think eco-friendly! Make your business sustainable with energy-efficient gear and greener practices. It’s good for the planet and might save you some green in the long run.
  6. Work Anywhere: Break free from the office! Embrace flexible work arrangements and let your team work from anywhere. With the right tools, everyone can stay connected and get the job done, whether they’re in the office or on the beach.
  7. Numbers Tell the Story: Become best friends with your data. Use analytics tools to understand your customers, track trends, and make smart decisions. It’s like having a crystal ball for your business, helping you stay one step ahead.

So, there you have it! Seven upgrades to give your business a fresh, modern vibe and set it up for success in the years to come.

Master Electrician Fabian Flores has put together a solid team to run his family-owned business for the last 10+ years. His motto is “Making wrong things right and turning darkness into light.” The team works hard every day to bring the best service to Northern Colorado’s business owners, large and small. 

As their reputation has grown, so has their business. King Electric will even help business owners with issues that occur after hours. If you forget the name, just search for “24-hour electrician near me,” or call us at (970) 829-5464, and a trusted member of our team will be there as quickly as possible to help fix your business issues. If the issue can wait, we also can troubleshoot electrical problems as well. 

King Electric, LLC is a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. King Electric, LLC, is located in Fort Collins and serves Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Timnath, Severance, Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call 970-829-5464 or contact us for more information about our services or a free estimate.

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