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As a business owner, your focus is on moving your merchandise or providing the best service to your customers, which is more than a full-time job. So when your lights flicker or your fuse panel keeps tripping, you are living on borrowed time — a precious commodity. When you decide to search for electricians in Fort Collins, you need to look no further than King Electric, LLC. We specialize in evaluating and repairing faulty wiring systems to ensure you can keep running your business without such time-consuming distractions. Go online to get your free estimate today.

Searching for “Electricians In Fort Collins?” 

As technology evolves, businesses will need more electrical services. But often, business owners are in buildings ill-equipped to handle today’s or tomorrow’s electrical load. This can create too much pressure on their systems, and it could start creating problems, shorting out, or blowing fuses. Or, some buildings do not have the number of outlets necessary to satisfy electrical needs. Before you start plugging in extension cords, consider calling King Electric, LLC, the best team of electricians in Fort Collins. 

At King Electric, LLC, we evaluate your power needs and gaps, and we will troubleshoot issues you may be having or anticipate new power needs as your business expands. As fully certified and insured electricians, we will not leave you with a power problem. Owner and master electrician Fabian Flores has been in the electrical industry for more than 20 years and is building his team as a family-run business. As a small business owner, Fabian understands the pressures of keeping the lights on. He is committed to satisfying clients’ needs fully. Whether building your building from scratch or retrofitting an older building to handle tomorrow’s electrical needs, you will not find better electricians in Fort Collins.

Choose the contractor you can trust with power, design, and smart technology

At King Electric, LLC, we have extensive experience in wiring businesses, including retail and large retail, dispensaries, gas stations, restaurants, new construction and tenant finishes. Do you want your business to stand out among the rest? How about providing some EV charging stations for your customers? Do you need more outlets to allow your customers to plug in? We have your back and can handle any electrical issue, keeping projects within code and safety standards. While we are electricians in Fort Collins, we travel all over northern Colorado to meet our customers’ electrical needs. Check out some of our projects.

We guarantee customer satisfaction by keeping our team educated and trained well. We have earned Qmerit certification, and you will not find many other electricians in Fort Collins with such distinction. Not all electricians in Fort Collins, CO, have the training we do. We put our team through extensive training and testing. Our technicians are background-checked and adhere to all local and state permitting and licensing requirements. Additionally, they are safe while on the job and ensure the safety of others. We accept nothing less from our team.  

Why Qmerit certification matters

  1. Extensive Certification Process: Qmerit certification entails a comprehensive evaluation process that ensures electrical contractors meet stringent industry standards. When you choose a Qmerit-certified contractor, you can have peace of mind knowing they have undergone thorough assessments and are highly skilled professionals.
  2. Demonstrated Competence: Qmerit-certified electrical contractors have proven their competence through rigorous evaluations of their skills, knowledge, and experience. Their certification serves as a testament to their ability to handle a wide array of commercial electrical projects with the utmost expertise.
  3. Commitment to Best Practices: Qmerit-certified contractors strictly adhere to industry best practices. They stay updated on the latest technologies, trends, and regulations, guaranteeing that your commercial electrical needs are met with the most effective and efficient solutions available.
  4. Emphasis on Safety: Safety takes precedence for Qmerit-certified electrical contractors. They possess a strong understanding of electrical codes and safety guidelines, implementing appropriate measures throughout the project to safeguard your business, employees, and customers from potential electrical hazards.
  5. Efficient Project Management: Qmerit-certified contractors excel in effective project management. They possess the skills necessary to plan, organize, and execute commercial electrical projects seamlessly. Their goal is to meet deadlines, optimize resources, and minimize disruptions to your business operations.
  6. Access to Industry Networks and Resources: Qmerit-certified contractors benefit from a professional network that grants them access to valuable industry resources, tools, and training. This empowers them to remain up to date with the latest technological advancements, enabling them to bring cutting-edge innovations and solutions to your commercial electrical projects.
  7. Long-Term Cost Savings: Hiring a Qmerit-certified electrical contractor can save long-term costs. Their expertise in energy-efficient practices and technologies can help reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills. Their commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship minimizes the need for frequent repairs or replacements, translating into financial savings over time.


These benefits highlight the advantages of choosing a Qmerit-certified electrical contractor. So when you search for commercial electricians in Fort Collins, you know you will get a professional and reliable service from King Electric that meets your expectations.

Call King Electric, LLC  when you need electricians in Fort Collins

Keeping our clients satisfied is our No. 1 goal. We have developed great relationships with our customers, many of whom leave us five-star reviews, such as these:

“King Electric was very responsive and professional. They were on time and performed an extremely clean install. They were very transparent with all the costs and ultimately were very affordable. I have already referred them and will use them again on my next project.” — Mark Nuti

“Responsiveness far exceeded expectations. Not to mention, it was a pleasure to meet Fabian. The famous line ‘he’s good people’ certainly applies.”  — Steve Nelson

King Electric, LLC is a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification.  King Electric, LLC, is located in Fort Collins and serves Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Timnath, Severance, Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call 970-829-5464 or contact us for more information about our services or a free estimate.

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