Electrification Experts

Home Electrification

As society moves towards a more electrified future, more and more homeowners and investors are gearing up to make the transition with their properties.  The demand for electric power in homes and businesses is increasing at a rapid rate.  We have more appliances, toys and vehicles relying on electric power now than ever before… and the demand will continue to grow.  Make sure your home or business is ready for electrification!

EV Chargers:

Recently purchased or thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle?  You’ll likely want the installation of a Level 2 charger in your garage or near your parking space.  Depending on the current electric usage of your property, this could require additional changes to your electrical system such as panel upgrades, load shedding devices or even full service upgrades if you’re already maxed out on power.  King Electric, LLC techs are EV masters, installing increasing amounts of EV chargers throughout Northern Colorado.  Contact us directly for a customized quote.

Smart Panels:

Now that your home is demanding more power, is your panel equipped for the transition?  Smart panels are electric panels built with power monitoring, conditioning, smart breakers & controls.  Smart panels allow you to monitor & prioritize how the electricity is being used in your home… even when you’re not there!

Home Energy/Battery Storage:

With the increased demand on the electrical grid,  more homeowners are moving towards storing their own power.  We are seeing new products and ideas for home energy storage on a regular basis.  Contact us to discuss your needs, options and solutions.

Home Electrification