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Electrical projects can be complicated and dangerous to do on your own. When it comes to electrical issues or remodels, it’s not an area you want to DIY. That must be why you’re looking for the best electrician Longmont to get your job done right. King Electric, LLC is here to take care of all your electrical needs. From residential to small and medium commercial jobs, we have over two decades of experience as the leading expert in the electrical field of northern Colorado. Our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction has allowed us to build a business that is here to stay. As a family-run business with the next generation already in place, we hope to be the last electrician you will ever need!

With so many home improvement shows on TV today, a lot of people are trying to do the remodeling themselves. This is great when it comes to refurbishing old furniture, replacing flooring, or many other areas of upgrading your home. Electrical work is one area that should never be done by someone who isn’t a Longmont professional electrician. Why is that? Well, we have quite a few reasons. Let’s dive in and break them all down.

Top seven reasons why DIY electrical work isn’t worth the risk

  1. Safety risks

Electrical work is inherently dangerous. Without the proper training, you risk electric shock, fires, and even electrocution. Professional electricians have the training and equipment to do the job safely.

  1. Code compliance

In Longmont, as in most places, electrical work must comply with local building codes. These codes ensure safety and functionality. A professional electrician is familiar with these regulations and can ensure your electrical work is up to standard.

  1. Complexity of electrical systems

Modern electrical systems are complex. What might seem like a simple fix can quickly become complicated. A professional electrician Longmont brings the necessary experience and knowledge to handle these complexities efficiently.

  1. Costly mistakes

DIY electrical work can often lead to mistakes, which can be expensive to correct. Incorrectly done work might require calling in a professional anyway, potentially costing more than if a professional had been hired initially.

  1. Voided warranties

DIY electrical work can void warranties on your home’s electrical components and appliances. Manufacturers may require proof of professional installation or repairs for warranty claims.

  1. Insurance issues

Many home insurance policies require that electrical work be done by licensed professionals. DIY electrical work could void your insurance coverage, leaving you unprotected in the event of an electrical fire or related damage.

  1. Resale problems

If you plan to sell your home, DIY electrical work can be a red flag for inspectors and potential buyers. Professional electrician Longmont work, on the other hand, can be a selling point, especially when documented properly.

Top 5 benefits of hiring a local electrician like King Electric, LLC

  1. Fast service

Local electricians can provide quick service for both emergencies and scheduled projects. Their proximity means they can respond faster than a non-local service, making them particularly valuable in urgent situations. King Electric, LLC offers fast and dependable electrical solutions in Longmont and Northern Colorado, ensuring your needs are met in a flash.

  1. Local code expertise

Electricians based in Longmont are familiar with local building codes and electrical regulations. This expertise ensures that all work is compliant, reducing the risk of legal issues and ensuring the safety of your electrical installations. We’re experts in Longmont’s building codes, guaranteeing your projects are safe and compliant.

  1. Personalized Care

Building a relationship with a local electrician means you get personalized service tailored to your home’s specific needs. Local electricians like us value their community reputation and strive to provide high-quality service to maintain it. As your Longmont neighbors, we provide tailored services with a personal touch.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Hiring a local electrician can often be more cost-effective than bringing in someone from out of town. Local electricians have lower travel costs, and many offer competitive pricing to serve their community members better. Competitive pricing from King Electric, LLC means quality service that fits your electrician Longmont budget.

  1. Supporting the local economy

By choosing a local electrician, you’re not only ensuring quality service for your home but also contributing to the local economy. Supporting local businesses helps to create jobs and maintain the economic health of the Longmont community. Choosing us supports Longmont’s economy, reinforcing our shared community’s strength.

What are some of the “electrician Longmont” services King Electric, LLC provides?

  • Hot tub electrical wiring
  • EV charger installation
  • Home electrification
  • Residential electrical services
  • Electrical system troubleshooting
  • Electrical design services
  • Commercial electrical upgrades
  • Commercial new construction
  • Commercial tenant finish
  • And much more!

King Electric, LLC is your trusted electrician Longmont

At King Electric, LLC we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. It starts with the first time we speak and carries through to project completion. We know that exceptional work and satisfied clients are what truly lights our business and keep us growing. As Northern Colorado continues to thrive, we have been able to work with many new businesses and clients. We enjoy contributing to this growth, culture, and community. Fabian Flores, Owner & Master Electrician at King Electric, LLC has 20+ years of industry experience. He has worked on projects in Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. He also boasts overseas experience in oil field contracts. King Electric, LLC has a growing portfolio of commercial, residential and industrial projects. We look forward to helping you with all your electrician Longmont needs!

Check out these 5-star reviews from our happy clients 

“Met with Fabian Flores for an outdoor living project. The work needed was for installation of a 220 line for a new hot tub, extra outlets and wiring new pergolas. The workers were very knowledgeable and consulted us on placement to make the look match our decor and function. Very courteous, we loved the work done. Will use them again.” -Terry

“Cisco arrived right on the scheduled time and easily found the problem in my wiring of a replacement 4 wire lightswitch. He fixed it, reset the breakers, and explained what had been wired wrong. Greatly appreciate the quick response during the holidays! Will definitely use King Electric for any future electrical issues in our house.” -Evan

“We just moved into our home and needed help properly labeling our electrical panel and getting to the bottom of a few lights/switches that did not work. King was very professional and provided a quality level of service. They made it easy to book an appt and showed up on time, were friendly and explained all the work they did. I would absolutely call them again for additional needs – in fact I am already booking them for another job!” -Joseph

When searching for “electrician Longmont,” King Electric LLC is the best electrician in Longmont and all of Northern Colorado 

King Electric, LLC is a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. King Electric, LLC, is located in Fort Collins and serves Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Timnath, Severance, Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call 970-829-5464 or contact us for more information about our services or a free estimate. We can’t wait to work with you!

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