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Now that you own (or are preparing to own) an electric vehicle, it’s time to get your own charger installed. That must be why you’re searching for the best Loveland electric car charger installation expert. You’re in luck because you’ve found King Electric, LLC, your top-rated residential and commercial electrician serving all of Northern Colorado. At King Electric, LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to electrification excellence. Beginning with the first time we speak with you and carrying through to project completion. We know that exceptional work and satisfied clients are what truly lights our business and keeps us growing. Our goal is to provide the best residential electrical service possible in a timely manner and at competitive rates. King Electric, LLC has a growing portfolio of residential and industrial projects.

Depending on the current electric usage of your property, an EV charger installation could require additional changes to your electrical system, such as panel upgrades, load shedding devices or even full-service upgrades if you’re already maxed out on power. King Electric, LLC techs are EV masters and have in-depth experience installing a variety of EV chargers up and down the front range of Northern Colorado. 

Top benefits of having a home EV charging station

At King Electric, LLC, we understand the growing interest in sustainable living and the increasing shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) in Loveland and beyond. Installing a home EV charger offers a lot of great benefits that enhance your experience as an EV owner. Here, we’ve laid out the top benefits of EV home charging, highlighting why considering a Loveland electric car charger installation is a wise choice for EV owners.

  1. Convenience at your doorstep

Imagine the ease of waking up each morning to a fully charged vehicle, ready to tackle the day’s journeys. A home EV charger eliminates the need to detour to public charging stations, saving you time and making your daily routine smoother.

  1. Increased home value

As EVs become more prevalent, homebuyers are starting to see the value of properties already equipped with EV charging stations. Installing a home EV charger can enhance the appeal and value of your property, making it a smart investment for the future.

  1. Cost savings over time

Charging your EV at home is generally less expensive than using public charging stations, especially if you charge your vehicle during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. This can lead to significant savings on your energy bills over time. Another reason to add the Loveland electric car charger installation to your to-do list!

  1. Optimized charging speeds

Home EV chargers are typically faster than standard outlets, reducing the time it takes to charge your vehicle. You can choose a charger that fits your vehicle’s needs and your daily usage patterns, ensuring that your car is always ready when you need it.

  1. Reduced carbon footprint

By charging your EV with electricity, especially if sourced from renewable energy, you’re contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions. This not only supports global efforts to combat climate change but also aligns with a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Control and monitoring

Many modern home EV chargers come with smart technology that allows you to monitor and control your charging remotely via a smartphone app. This means you can manage your charging sessions to take advantage of lower electricity rates or to ensure your vehicle charges during renewable energy peaks.

  1. Safety and reliability

Home EV chargers are designed to be safe and reliable, with features that protect both your vehicle and your home’s electrical system. Professional installation by a certified electrician like King Electric, LLC ensures that your Loveland electric car charger installation is set up correctly and complies with all local codes and regulations.

King Electric, LLC – The best Loveland electric car charger installation experts

At King Electric, LLC, we specialize in the installation of EV chargers in Loveland and throughout Northern Colorado. Our team is here to guide you through the process, from selecting the right charger for your needs to professional installation that ensures safety and reliability. We are the last electrician you will ever need. We’re committed to providing top-rated service and helping you make the most of your EV ownership experience. It’s important to know that we are a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. You can depend on Qmerit-certified partners to provide trusted installation solutions that meet the highest standards for safety and service quality.

If you’re considering an EV charger for your home, reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a free estimate. It’s also important to know that there are many rebates and incentives available for EV owners and Loveland electric car charger installation. Take a look at all there is to offer today. Together, we can make your switch to electric driving as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Check out these 5-star reviews from our happy clients 

“Tony did a great job. He asked what I wanted done, he told me how he could do it, did the work, and explained everything I needed to know. He even mounted the EV charger to the wall and plugged it in. We tested that it would charge my car before he left. I am very pleased.” -Craig

“Tony was punctual, professional, communicative and did great work. Sarah was also excellent in fielding my inquiries and ensuring everything was in order. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend King Electric and look forward to working with them on future residential electrical projects.” -Hank

“I had a great experience from start to finish with King Electric. They were super responsive when I first made contact and were out to my house within a day to see the scope of the work and had me a bid within 2 days. Sarah was awesome in the office and had me scheduled in less than a week and the install crew went above and beyond to communicate with me throughout the install. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!” -Andy

King Electric LLC is your trusted EV installation electrician in Northern Colorado 

King Electric, LLC is a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. King Electric, LLC, is located in Fort Collins and serves Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Timnath, Severance, Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call 970-829-5464 or contact us for more information about our services or a free estimate. We can’t wait to work with you!

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