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Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation journey or simply recognizing the signs that your home’s electrical system isn’t keeping up with demand, both can be pivotal moments for any homeowner. At King Electric, LLC we have helped numerous families through the process of residential electrical panel upgrades. Not only can we assess the current electrical status of your home, but we can also recommend upgrades that will be even more beneficial for you and your home. An example of one of these upgrades is a smart panel. Now that your home is demanding more power, you need to make sure your panel is properly equipped. Smart panels are electric panels built with power monitoring, conditioning, smart breakers, and controls.  Smart panels allow you to monitor and prioritize how the electricity is being used in your home, even when you’re not there. 

At King Electric, LLC we are a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. You can depend on Qmerit-certified partners to provide trusted installation solutions that meet the highest standards for safety and service quality. ​Because we are experts in the area of residential electrical panel upgrades, we feel it’s important for you to understand why it’s so important to consider the health of your current electrical panel. So, to help, we’ve put together a list of the top things to consider when thinking about an upgrade for your home. 

5 Key considerations for residential electrical panel upgrades

  1. Understanding the need for an upgrade

Recognizing the telltale signs that your home might need an electrical panel upgrade is crucial. Whether it’s the flickering lights, the constant nuisance of tripped breakers, or simply the age of your current panel, these are indicators that it’s time for an assessment. In today’s world, where our reliance on electronic devices is ever-increasing, ensuring your electrical system can handle the demand is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity.

  1. Evaluating your home’s electrical demand

Modern lifestyles mean that our homes are filled with gadgets and appliances that require substantial power. From the essentials in your home office to your kitchen appliances, an evaluation of your home’s electrical demand is a critical first step. This ensures that the upgrade not only addresses current inadequacies but also anticipates future needs.

  1. Choosing the right professional for the job

The importance of selecting a qualified professional for your residential electrical panel upgrades cannot be overstated. With King Electric, LLC, you’re choosing a partner who brings expertise, adherence to local codes, and a commitment to safety. We have been a leading expert in the electrical field in Northern Colorado since 2010. Our goal is to make this process seamless for you, ensuring that your home’s electrical system is efficient, safe, and tailored to your needs.

  1. Understanding the upgrade process

Familiarizing yourself with the upgrade process demystifies what can often seem like an overwhelming task. From the initial assessment and obtaining necessary permits to the installation and final inspection, we’re here to guide you through each step. Clear communication and transparency are key components of our service, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable throughout the process.

  1. The benefits of upgrading

The decision to upgrade your electrical panel brings numerous benefits that go beyond the short-term improvement in safety and electrical capacity. Choosing to upgrade also means that you are making an investment in the future of your home. Not only does it increase your property value if you decide to sell, but it also allows you to add new appliances and do home renovations and upgrades. At the end of the day, it also brings peace of mind, which is the most important of them all.

Adding residential electrical panel upgrades is a huge step in maintaining and enhancing the future of your home. At King Electric, LLC, we understand the weight of this decision and are here to ensure that your upgrade is executed with the utmost quality and care. If you’re still thinking about an upgrade or have concerns about your electrical system, let’s start a conversation. We can ensure your home is well equipped to meet today’s demands and all your tomorrows. 

Smart home add-ons to consider adding to your residential electrical panel upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panel is like giving your home a new heart—one that’s ready to support more of the smart and energy-efficient gadgets that make modern life more convenient and eco-friendly. 

  1. Smart thermostats

These devices learn your heating and cooling preferences and adjust your home’s temperature settings automatically, saving energy and money. With an upgraded electrical panel, you can ensure that your home’s HVAC system runs efficiently alongside other high-demand appliances.

  1. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations

As EVs become more common, having a home charging station is becoming a necessity for many. An electrical panel upgrade ensures that your home can handle the substantial power requirements of charging an EV without compromising the performance of other appliances.

  1. Smart lighting systems

Control the lighting in your home with your smartphone or voice commands. Smart lighting can reduce energy consumption and enhance the ambiance of your home. Residential electrical panel upgrades support the added energy demands of numerous smart bulbs operating simultaneously.

  1. Home security systems

Modern security systems, including smart locks, cameras, and alarm systems, provide peace of mind and require a reliable power source. An upgraded panel ensures that these systems remain operational, keeping your home safe.

  1. Smart kitchen appliances

From refrigerators that can help you make a shopping list to ovens that you can control with your smartphone, smart kitchen appliances need a robust electrical system to function at their best.

  1. Home entertainment systems

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art home theater or a sophisticated audio system spreading music throughout your home, these systems benefit from the steady and reliable power supply an upgraded electrical panel provides.

  1. Smart home hubs and assistants

Central devices that control all your smart home gadgets need a stable power source to operate effectively, ensuring seamless integration and control over your home’s smart features.

Now that you have an idea of all the wonderful things you can do with residential electrical panel upgrades, it’s time to give King Electric, LLC a call.

We’ve got great reviews from our residential electrical panel upgrades and services for our happy clients

“We just moved into our home and needed help properly labeling our electrical panel and getting to the bottom of a few lights/switches that did not work. King was very professional and provided a quality level of service. They made it easy to book an appt and showed up on time, were friendly and explained all the work they did. I would absolutely call them again for additional needs – in fact I am already booking them for another job!” -Joseph

“King Electric installed a car charger for us, which also entailed replacing our electrical panel with a larger one. We also had a whole-house surge protector installed. King Electric did a great job with everything. Fabian was able to give us a quote just using photos and information we shared with him, and it was reasonably priced compared to other bids we sought. He answered all our questions, and he & Sarah helped us get the job scheduled promptly. Sarah and Cisco were in touch with me just prior to the appointment to make sure they brought all the right equipment & supplies, and the day of the job, Cisco and Tony were wonderful to interact with. They are clearly experts and installed our charger beautifully. We recommend King Electric to anyone needing electrical services; they answered all our questions, did great work, and took care of everything for a reasonable price. Thanks, King!” -Ashley

“I had a great experience from start to finish with King Electric. They were super responsive when I first made contact and were out to my house within a day to see the scope of the work and had me a bid within 2 days. Sarah was awesome in the office and had me scheduled in less than a week and the install crew went above and beyond to communicate with me throughout the install. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!” -Andy

King Electric, LLC is your trusted residential electrical panel upgrades expert in Northern Colorado

King Electric, LLC is a Qmerit Certified Partner. Only select electrical service providers earn the exclusive Qmerit certification, a symbol of excellence in electrification. King Electric, LLC, is located in Fort Collins and serves Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Johnstown, Milliken, Timnath, Severance, Longmont, Firestone, Boulder, and surrounding areas. Call 970-829-5464 or contact us for more information about our services or a free estimate. We can’t wait to work with you!

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